2019 Kitchen Design Trends

There's way more to a kitchen that just appliances and cupboards. Here are some of the latest kitchen design trends for 2019:

Colouring in: If you think a kitchen has to be neutral, think again – colour in a kitchen can look stunning, and on-trend kitchen colours for 2019 include turquoise, green and navy. The key is to balance strong colours so they don't become overpowering; latte shades go well with deep green, white marble and brass relieve darker colours, and coffee, grey, taupe and biscuit stop black (also popular at the moment) from feeling too heavy. Honey, a lovely warm colour, but also reasonably neutral, can look stunning paired with a brighter pop of colour, like coral.

Social life

Your kitchen is really the heart of your home and designers are coming up with ways to make it feel more comfortable when you’re socialising. Islands provide somewhere where people can gather and talk outside mealtimes, as well as obviously serving as food preparation and storage areas; surround them with bar stools and you can start to feel like you're in a trendy hangout. Sofas, chairs and banquette seats provide somewhere comfortable to sit and relax, while  individual pieces of furniture such as bookcases, artwork, pottery and vintage rugs can bring a more homely feel to the space.

Cupboard love

Ceiling-high units providing lots of storage are becoming very popular, as is hidden storage – pull-down units, hidden drawers and cooker hoods concealed behind cabinet fronts, all of which help to create a clean, minimalist look if that's what you're after. But if you're not, shelves and glass-fronted cabinets allow you to display lovely items of crockery rather than having them stashed out of sight.

Splash out

Huge, single slabs are one of the most popular 2019 kitchen backsplash trends, as they can make a striking focal point, rather like a feature wall in your living room. And not only do they look elegant and simple, they're easier to keep clean as there's no grouting. Some incorporate a small ledge or shelf above as a nifty storage solution. And have a think about your taps, too – you can now get ones which provide instant boiling, filtered and sparkling water.

Going green

As in every area of life, thinking about our impact on the planet is now a necessity, and eco-friendly, durable kitchen furniture is becoming increasingly important. One of the newest kitchen trends in 2019 is for sustainable alternatives to traditional items. These include vintage and reclaimed pieces of furniture, which are an eco-friendly choice for everyday use.

Push the button

Italian kitchen designers Ernestomeda, SCIC and TM Italia have all developed remote control kitchens that hide the work areas when they are not in use, giving a smooth, uncluttered look. It's all very in keeping with the trend for a sleek, industrial, pared-back look. Features like Bluetooth speakers and automatic lighting are also likely to become more popular.

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