How the Government is helping you build your own home

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Support for the self and custom build sector   If you dream of building your own home, you’re certainly not alone: 53 per cent of British people share that ambition, according to the National Custom and Self-Build Association. But when you first decide to embark on the project, you’ll be navigating some very unfamiliar waters… Read more »

Choosing a local architect for your self build project

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local architect

Designing your self-build It’s pretty obvious that, when building your own home, you need to get things right at the design stage. But there’s more to choosing an architect than finding someone who can design a house that won’t fall down. The question isn’t can they design a house, but can they design the right… Read more »

Foundations and footings: Avoiding the common issues

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house foundations

Digging the foundations for your home – What you need to know As with everything else in life, building a home requires getting the foundations right – if you don’t, nothing else will work. Here are some of the things you need to know to avoid pitfalls. Even with the best preparations, however, foundations can… Read more »

7 things not to forget when you’re building your own home

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self build advice

Self build advice From bats to bricks, budgets to building regulations, make sure you’ve thought about the following before you start work on your new home. Follow orders When your district or borough council gives you planning permission, there are likely to be conditions attached. You absolutely need to read and comply with these. As… Read more »

5 steps to a successful self-build project

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self-build project

  Making your self-build a success If you’re looking to complete a self-build project, you may have a loads of ideas floating through your head. Taking the reins means that you can lead from the front and orchestrate a construction that satisfies your wildest dreams. But, of course, it’s not that easy – especially if… Read more »

ICF or brick and block – which should you choose?

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ICF and brick and block When you’re planning a self-build, there’s a lot to think about, not just in terms of planning and constructing, but in terms of things like insulation too. Here, we explore the relative pros and cons of ICF (insulated concrete forms) and brick and block to help you out. What’s the… Read more »

7 Things to Know Before you Self Build

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self build planning

Starting a Self-Build Every year, hundreds of people embark upon self build projects, determined to create their perfect home. Now, more than ever, it is perfectly feasible to build the house of your dreams, within the average budget. The process is not without peril, but thanks to the collective wisdom of those who have gone… Read more »

Four Ways to Start Your Self Build Project in 2019

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2019 self build

Planning Your Self Build in 2019 Every year more than 13,000 people build their own homes. Reasons for doing so can be as wide-ranging as the individuals that build them, but whatever your requirements; building your own home is undoubtedly the best way to achieve exactly what you want, at the most affordable price possible…. Read more »

Self-build insurance: is your price right?

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self build insurance

Self build insurance what you need to know Insurance can feel like one of the least interesting things to think about when building your dream home – so tedious it can’t even qualify as a nightmare. But in fact, if a real-life nightmare puts your whole project in jeopardy, proper insurance can turn out to… Read more »

Self Build Lessons: What is it Really Like to Build a House and What to Consider

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What to Consider When Building your Home With ever-growing house prices, increasingly less generous plot sizes and developments appearing more about profit than architectural and human harmony, the impetus to build your own house has never been greater. There is also more information on the subject than ever before, and more and more people are… Read more »