The Need for More Bungalows

There are many different property types in the UK from high-rise city flats and fancy custom builds to pokey studio apartments and spacious country mansions. So why do we need to build more bungalows? What are the benefits of living in a single storey home and why should new build bungalows be given priority in the years to come? Let’s delve deeper.

Bungalows are ideal for the elderly population

Bungalows have long been associated with the elderly for many reasons. Firstly, there’s no stairs to navigate making it easier for older people to get around. Secondly, bungalows are easier and more affordable to heat than properties with two or more floors. Thirdly, there are no lifts like you find in blocks of flats, meaning older folk can enter and exit their property without difficulty. What’s more, by making it easy for those living alone or elderly couples to downsize their property, this could potentially free up more family homes on the property market.

While bungalows are ideal for the aging population, housing options for elderly people are limited. Indeed, there will be an estimated shortfall of 400,000 ‘specialist’ homes for older people by 2035 which is worrying considering the number of people reaching 85 and above is projected to double over the next 25 years. The government has been advised of this issue, yet overbearing government planning rules are standing in the way.

That said; there’s been a considerably push in recent months to build housing that’s suitable for an aging society – and that means finding the right architectural services to build modern, convenient and practical bungalows, with self-build homes giving people the chance to get creative.

Bungalows are in high demand

Bungalows are in high demand. As well as resolving the housing shortage for the elderly, bungalows are becoming an increasingly popular choice of property. According to a survey by the Central Bedfordshire Council, 61% of couples aged 56-70 wanted to move to a bungalow, showing that this type of dwelling is not only practical but in high demand. This is particularly true considering that many of the dark, dull and unimaginative bungalows of the past are being turned into visual spectacles with an abundance of space.

The benefits of a self-build bungalow

If you can see the benefits of living in a bungalow, you might be interested in a self-build with the help of architectural services Kent such as Bluelime Home Design. This will make it possible to bring your dream home to life, so it’s well worth getting a free architect consultation and planning out your build. Perhaps you want to go down the eco-friendly route with sun panels or vaulted ceilings to let in extra light? Or maybe you want to transform an existing bungalow with a loft conversion that works? Whatever the case, there are professionals to help.

Contact Bluelime Home Design today to find out more about the services available across Dartford, Bromley, Bexley, Erith and Croydon.

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