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We know the methods and practices required to help secure your planning permission and meet building regulations for your new loft conversion.  Whether it's a new bedroom, or ensuite, we can make your loft conversion a reality, quickly, cost effectively and with minimum worry.

At Bluelime Home Design we do things different…

We are totally focused on maximising the full potential of your loft space at an affordable cost. Our approach to designing your home is unique and will save you money in the long run. After basement conversions, loft conversions are the next most complicated thing to do. The great news is – your reward will far outweigh the effort you put in.

Before you do anything else, find out what you could do with your existing unused loft area by downloading your free guide below.

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In this guide you will discover the various things you can do with your existing unused loft. Your loft is one of the best places to start when you need that extra room. This guide will help you consider whether to go with a new Games Room for the kids, Cinema Room for the big kids! or an extra bedroom and Ensuite. There are so many things that can be done. However loft conversions are complicated. Download the guide and get your Architectural Designer involved as early as possible to avoid the pitfalls.

In this guide you will discover

  • 10 inspirational ideas for your loft conversion
  • How to create the different types of spaces
  • How to maximise natural light
  • What to do about limited head height
  • Features that can be created


  • Things you can do with your loft
  • Things to think about when converting
  • Inspirational ideas


Converting Your Loft Ideas and Inspiration

Converting your loft is one of the best ways of extending your home. It will bring you the highest return over any other type of extension when comparing cost to build and added value to your property. They are not difficult to do but do need carefully designed. You will need to employ the services of a Home Designer as although some maybe considered a permitted development under planning rules you will definitely need Building Regulation Approval which necessitates production of full detailed structural plans, calculations and specification. Have a look at some of the design ideas, hints and tips below to see what could work for you.

1) Add a Master Bedroom

The most common type of loft conversion is for a new Master Bedroom. Why not? - you are likely to have ample room up there to create a huge Bedroom.
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2) Add Value

By converting your loft into a Bedroom you are doing two of the three best things that will add most value to your property. Click on the button at the bottom of the page to find out the third…
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3) Add A Juliet Balcony and French Doors

This is a great addition to any Loft Bedroom and can easily be incorporated into a Dormer if need be. Open the door in summer and bring in lots of natural light and fresh air. This is a must if you have got decent views from your balcony. An all glass juliet balcony provides unobstructed views when lying in bed but check it meets Building Regulations first.
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4) Add A Kids Bedroom

Giving the kids this huge Bedroom space on the top floor can work really well. When they have their friends round and are getting a little ‘Boisterous’ lets say, you can’t hear it down on the ground floor. It can provide a great play area for the kids that they can truly call their own little space. Just remember its further to walk when ‘Boisterous’ is getting out of hand!. Decorate the room with some nice kiddy decorations denoting it’s their space.
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5) Add A Second Living Space

Utilise the large floor area created within the loft for family and friends. This large unobstructed floor area is perfect for entertaining. Again add a juliet balcony and glass doors to maximise natural light and take advantage of any nice views you may have.
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6) Add Roof Windows

Roof windows are the most effective way of getting natural light into your loft room. Even more so than dormers. So put as many in as possible. The advantage with dormers however is that they give you more head room so don’t rule them out either although they do cost more.
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7) Check Available Head Height

Before you do anything check what head height you have. You will lose at least 300- 400mm due to having to increase the floor joist depth and roof thickness for insulation. A an absolute minimum you need to end up with 2.1m head height. This means you need at least 2.4m to start off with between top of ceiling joist and underside of ridge board. Alternatively you can reduce the height of the first floor ceiling to get you more height in the loft. Although this is quite disruptive work.
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8) Add An En-Suite

Normally loft conversions can end up creating a considerable amount of additional space. Rather than just using it all as one great big Master Bedroom, break it up and add in an En-Suite. You don’t want to be traipsing down the stairs every time you want to go to the toilet at night. Also think about adding a dressing room if you have the space.
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9) A Place To relax

Loft En-Suites can work really well. They are nice private areas where you can sit back and relax away from all the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house. Roof windows can be left un-frosted as it is unlikely anyone can see you way up there.
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10) Make A Feature Of Your Loft Bathroom

Be bold with your Loft Bathroom design. Put in a nice standalone feature bath. These are definitely in right now and you are likely to have the floor area available in the loft to make it work and have space around it.
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Stunning Loft Conversion in Black and White

This bungalow has been transformed following the completion of a contemporary loft conversion consisting of a bedroom, study and bathroom featuring an abundance of white to maximise light derived from the roof windows. Mezzanine balconies allow light to flood into the rooms below. (Video by Velux, we do not claim any design rights for the project shown)

Space For Fun

This couple decided to convert their unused loft space into a grown up playroom! The generous open plan space now houses a pool table and bar, perfect for entertaining, and is flooded with natural light throughout the day by the strategically positioned roof windows. (Video by Velux, we do not claim any design rights for the project shown)

Light filled modular space

This stunning apartment renovation uses volume, light from above and a carefully selected colour pallette to create a feeling of space and vibrance. Clever features allow natural daylight to flood throughout the space.(Video by Velux, we do not claim any design rights for the project shown)

A Loft Conversion Maximising Garden views

The owners of this property took full advantage of views of their garden, and added some much needed extra space, when they undertook this stylish, light filled loft conversion. (Video by Velux, we do not claim any design rights for the project shown)