Reconfiguring your homes layout

When moving’s a chore but your home isn’t what you need anymore, it can be hard to know what to do. You need more space or extra rooms, but you can’t just up-sticks and find somewhere else – it’s not always as easy as that! This is when you need to look at reconfiguring house layout and making your home what you need it to be. Here are five tips for designing a house plan that will give you your dream home.

Reasons for Reconfiguring House Layout

The first step in your plans to changing internal layout of your house should be to get a good idea of what it is you need and why you’re doing what you are. Think about where you are now and any future plans, for example if you know you’ll need a home office in a few years’ time or are planning to have children. Make a list of everything your home needs to support your family both now and in the future; this’ll be the foundation of your renovation plans.

Ideas for Extra Space

Usually, when you’re reconfiguring house layout it’s because you need extra space in certain rooms. Here are some ideas of how you can get that:

  • Conversions – Adding a loft or basement conversion will give you a whole extra room that you can use for anything you wish.
  • Conservatory – Conservatories can be a cheap and quick way to gain more living space, opening up the rest of your home to more possibilities.
  • Re-arranging walls – Whether it’s putting a new wall up to make two rooms out of one or knocking them down to open a room up, re-arranging walls is a popular way of changing internal layout of a house.
  • Open Plan – By creating a more open-plan home, you’ll have more space and a more connected, social house.

Types of Wall

When it comes to tips for designing a house plan, you should be aware of the different types of walls. As we mentioned above, re-arranging or getting rid of walls is a great way to try reconfiguring house layout, but you need to be aware of your limitations.

If the wall you want to remove is a load bearing wall, your project is going to be harder to achieve and more expensive. Partition walls are usually the easiest to install and remove, as long as they’re not load bearing. Exterior walls are usually load-bearing, but they can be removed professionally.

Planning Permission

A lot of the questions we get about home layout rearrangements include something along the lines of ‘do I need planning permission for internal alterations?’. The simple answer is no – usually you won’t need planning permission. However, if you live in a listed building, this might not be the case so check to be sure.

Bring in the Professionals

The easiest way to ensure reconfiguring house layout goes smoothly is to get professional help right from the get-go. Those with the right knowledge can help to answer your questions, bringing an expert opinion and helping you to complete the job properly.

At Bluelime Home Design, we can help you manage your home layout remodel with the help of our architects and project managers. From knocking down walls to kitchen extensions, we have the expertise you need to create your dream home.


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