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If you’ve had your home extensions for some time now, chances are they’re a little outdated. No matter how modern they were at the time, things often age pretty quickly as styles moves on and trends change. Sometimes, they need to be updated to ensure your home doesn’t start to look more shabby than chic.

Know Your Aims

The first thing anyone should consider when updating or replacing an old extension is what they want. What don’t you like about your old extension? How could it be improved to better suit your home and lifestyle? Do you want to make it bigger or smaller?

Consider every question you can and write down all your decisions. You’ll start to form a much clearer idea about what you want to do to your extensions, and from there you can begin to produce proper plans – with the help of an architect, of course.

Start from Scratch?

Should you be knocking down an extension or just working with what you already have? The main thing you’ll have to consider is cost; will it be worth the expense of tearing down your walls and starting again? You’ll also have to think of things such as demolish and rebuild planning permission, which you wouldn’t if you were simply redecorating and updating.

On the other hand, if the structural integrity is questionable and might not last for many more years, it may be worth knocking down an extension rather than updating it. You don’t want it falling apart in just a few years’ time! You’ll also have to consider whether what you’ve already got can be adapted for your new plans and whether it would actually be cheaper to knock it down and start again.

Modernisation Tips for Home Extensions

There are a ton of things you can do to update your home extensions. By taking down and moving walls, you can make the space bigger or smaller, or even knock through to create a more open-plan home. Little touches, too, such as changing the lights or the door and window openings can really modernise home extensions.

Thermal Upgrades

A must if you’re updating your extension is to consider how you can make it more energy efficient, creating an eco-friendly and energy-saving space. If you’re still hanging on to old, single-glazed windows, update to triple glazed to reduce heat wastage. You can also insulate the floor, walls and ceiling for the same purpose. Thermal efficiency is certainly a sign of a modern home.

Hire a Professional Team

At Bluelime Home Design, we have a whole team of skilled specialists who are ready to help you bring your extension into the 21st century. We can help with everything from designing your new space to helping you get planning permission. If you have any questions or would like to chat to our team about your project, feel free to get in touch!


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