Choosing a local Bexley architect for your home renovation

If you have a specific renovation or extension in mind, it’s intuitive to ask for recommendations or choose a specialist from another part of the country. But choosing a local architect’s business can have benefits over and above expertise in one particular area. Here’s why.

They know the council

A reputable architect who has been working in an area for some time will have established good relationships with the planning officers at the area's district and borough councils. Architects in south east London, for example, will have connections with various councils like Bexley, Croydon and Bromley, and will know their requirements and what sort of designs they are likely to approve.

They know the builders (and everyone else)

To get a house off the drawing board and into bricks and mortar form, you need a builder. A good, reliable, trustworthy builder who's properly accredited and insured so that the job is done properly – and so that if anything does go wrong, you know it'll be fixed. A local architect will know the best builders in the area and often work quite closely with them. The same goes for any other professional you might need – structural engineers, surveyors, property lawyers etc.

Plus, a local architect will know where to source the most cost-effective and good quality materials for your home. At Bluelime Home Design we have very good relationships with a number of skilled labourers, which means that as well as drawing up your designs, we can help you with every stage of the work.

You can actually meet them

It's wonderful to live in a world where we have so many ways to communicate with each other, but there's no substitute for face to face contact. It's easier to discuss things, throw ideas around and fine tune details, and it also helps to build the kind of rapport that ensures a project is successful.

Trusting your architect and feeling that you can speak frankly to them is really important, and it's much easier for you to get a feel for who they are - and whether you do want to work with them - in person. And of course, the nearer they are, the easier it is for them to visit your home too.

You can see their work

Before engaging an architect you definitely want to see real life examples of their work and talk to previous clients. Your architect should be able to provide such references and if they are in the area you can easily go and see the building and even the client yourself. Many architects offer testimonials and case studies on their websites if you wish to look them up.

If you're looking for an architect in Bexley, Bluelime Home Design ticks all the boxes above and more. We have excellent relationships with Bexley council and a variety of trusted, accredited builders, and can help with everything from a home design including loft conversions, kitchen extensions, bathroom renovations plus acquiring planning permission. Contact us for details.

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