What you need to consider

Acquiring land can be a pricey process, so once you’ve got the plot of your dreams, it’s essential to make the most of it with a self-build you can be proud of. While you may have design ideas in mind, there are many things you need to consider before getting to work, so check out these important renovation tips.

Identify boundaries and level changes

When it comes to self-build house designs, one of the first things you should do is get to know your plot inside out, and this involves surveying the land you’ve bought to identify boundaries, level changes and such like. With the help of a professional surveyor you’ll be able to know from the start if you have any building restrictions and if so, what these may be. You’ll also be able to identify exciting design possibilities that may be unique to your site.

While a sloped site, for instance, may give builders a headache to start with, it could result in a final build with wonderful roof designs and incredible views depending on the layout you decide upon. Of course, you’ll have to think long and hard about essentials such as drainage but with time and patience you can work out how to construct your dream home perhaps incorporating beautiful cascading terraces with stunning vistas.

Think about sunlight

If you want your house to be bright and airy, it’s necessary to think about how the sun shines on your plot of land as this will heavily impact the design layout. Understanding where the sun falls and at what times will help you decide where each room in the house should be. If you plan on spending mornings in the kitchen and would love to see the sun stream through the open patio doors, then your kitchen will need to face the sun during the early hours in order for this to become a reality. Similarly, if you want your living room to be shaded in the afternoons to ensure it stays cool, you can plan for this also.

Consider privacy

When you move into a house that’s already built you don’t have any say over privacy – other than to maybe go out and buy some decent blinds. With a self-build and renovation project, however, things are completely different as you can incorporate privacy into your home design. Not sure where to start? Well, stand in the middle of your plot and identify where there are windows from other houses. If you don’t want people to be staring directly at you from their houses, try to position your windows so that you can’t be seen from any angle. This is easier if your plot is not overlooked, but if it is there may still be things that you can do.

Think about your surroundings

If your plot of land is in the middle of the countryside, you may not have to worry at all about noise pollution. But, if you’re building next to a road, you may want to consider placing bedrooms well away from the road so that you can’t hear cars zooming along at night. On a similar note, it’s worth paying particular attention to your surroundings before you even buy a plot as this can help avoid problems and annoyances down the line.

Home renovations aren’t a walk in the park, so to avoid common mistakes, why not seek the help of professional architects and designers? Bluelime Home Design, for example, offers a plot/property consultation as well as a range of services including loft conversions and dormer roof extensions.  Bluelime Home Design is perfectly situated for those living or looking to move to the Dartford, Bromley, Erith and Bexley areas.

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